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Outlook 2007 Installation Guide

  • Sign into your account and go to your dashboard.

  • Click on the “Install Signature” button below your signature.

  • Choose your perfered email client.

Download the App
  • You may need to ok a security warning when downloading the app and you can be confident that it is safe to do so.

  • Sign in to get Customer ID

  • Choose your signature and set it as Default.

  • Note: You can unselect as default at the top of the page if needed.

  • Click Next at the top of the page.

  • Close and reopen your Outlook.

  • Compose a new message from the email account you just pasted your signature into and your signature will now appear on all your email messages!

  • Your signature is now installed in your Outlook and will update once every 24 hours to reflect any edits (photos, text, etc) you make.

  • To make updates appear instantly instead of the normal once a day updating, right click on the app in your tray and click Update Now.

  • Do not manually change the name of the signature (it will be named Esig with some numbers after it) in your Outlook as this will delete it and you will need to reinstall it with the app again.

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