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Outlook 2003 Installation Guide

  • Highlight or “Select All” of your live signature within the box above.

  • Copy your signature. (Ctrl+C for PC, Command+C for MAC)

  • Open Outlook. Click the "Tools" dropdown, then click "Options".

  • Select the "Mail Format" tab, then click "Signatures"

  • Create a new signature by clicking "New". creating a unique name.

  • Choose "Start with a blank signature", then create a unique name and click "Next".

  • Paste your signature into the editor box. If the full signature does not appear, go back and recopy your signature from above. Click "Next", then "OK".

  • Click "Internet Format" and uncheck the box "When an HMTL Message..." then click "OK".

  • Select the new signature you just created for the "New Messages" dropdown. Then select it for the "Replies/Forwards" dropdown.

  • Save your changes by clicking "OK" in the Signatures and Options dialog boxes.

  • Compose a new message from the email account you just pasted your signature into and your signature will now appear on all your email messages!

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