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Mac Mail Installation Guide

You must use Google Chrome or Firefox internet browsers in order to install your signature correctly into MacMail. After the one time installation, you will no longer need to use them.


  • Click the green Copy button above or “Select All” of your live signature within the box above.

  • Copy your signature. Command+C

  • Open Mac Mail, click on “Mail” in the top left of your menu bar, then click on “Preferences.”

  • In the preferences window, click on the “Signatures” tab.

  • Click the “+” button to create a new signature and change the default name for the signature if you wish.

  • In the white signature area to the right, highlight and delete all the default text that appeared automatically, then UNCHECK “Always match my default message font” underneath that same area.

  • Click back into the white signature area and PASTE your signature that you copied from above. Right Click -> Paste, or Command+V (Please note you may not see your signature yet, it may only show outlined boxes, this is normal)

  • Back in the middle column, click and drag the signature name you just created onto the email account(s) you want the signature to appear on, you can drag onto multiple accounts if you wish.

  • Click on each of the email accounts from the left column you just dragged your signature name into, and on each of the email accounts select the new signature name you just created in the “Choose Signature” drop down at the bottom of the window.

  • Close your preferences window by clicking the little “x” bubble in top left of window.

  • Click on “Compose Message” and if you see your new signature, you are all done!

  • Please note that you will not be able to click on your buttons while composing an email message; you must first send the email to yourself and then you can click on the buttons from your received message.

  • You may also remove your Signature from a particular email simply from the drop down in your email message.

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