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iPhone & iPad Installation Guide

  • Login to your SignaSource account on your iPhone or iPad and click “Install Signature” to navigate back to this page, then click below to copy your signature.

  • Click the green Copy button above.

  • After copying the signature above, navigate to your device “Settings” application then tap into “Mail” on the settings screen.

  • In the mail settings screen, make sure “Load Remote Images” is enabled and turned on, then scroll down and tap into “Signature” option.

  • In the signature settings, you may see an option for “All Accounts” or “Per Account” if you have multiple email accounts configured. This option allows you to define if you want your signature to appear on “All” your email accounts or “Per Account” allows each email address to have a different signature if you choose. Tap the option you wish to have.

  • Delete any existing signature that may be showing in the box, most commonly it will show “Sent from iPhone.”

  • Tap in the white box of the signature area to bring up “Paste” pop up option, and tap “Paste” to insert your signature.

  • Lastly, click “Mail” in the top left corner of screen to exit and save your signature settings.

  • Open your Mail app and compose a new message from the email account you just pasted your signature into and your signature will now appear on all your email messages!

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