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Comcast Installation Guide

  • Click the green Copy button above.

  • Highlight or “Select All” of your live signature within the box above.

  • Copy your signature. Ctrl+C for PC, Command+C for MAC

  • While logged into your Comcast account, click on “Preferences” found in the top navigation

  • Within the left navigation click “Signature”

  • Choose a unique name for your signature, then select the dropdown and change it to "Format as HTML"

  • Then, Click within the white signature box, and Paste your Signature's Live Code. CTRL+V for PC, Command+V for MAC

  • Click the "Email Manager Page" link. In the "Signatures" dropdown select your signature name to set it as the default signature.

  • Click “Save”

  • Compose a new message and if you see your new signature, you are all done!

  • Please note that you will not be able to click on your buttons while composing an email message; you must first send the email to yourself and then you can click on the buttons from your received message.

  • You may also remove your Signature from a particular email simply by selecting all of your signature and pressing the delete key.

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