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AOL Installation Guide

  • Click the green Copy button above.

  • Highlight or “Select All” of your live signature within the box above.

  • Copy your signature. Ctrl+C for PC, Command+C for MAC

  • While logged into your AOL account, click on “Settings” found in the upper right corner

  • Click "Compose" from the left menu. Under Signature choose "Use Signature"

  • Check "Use Rich Text"

  • Paste your signature into the editor box.

  • Very ImportantYou may only see the bottom line of your signature appear. If this happens click "Save", then click "Compose" again as before. Now your full signature should be visible. If it still doesn't appear, go back and recopy your signature from above.

  • Click “Save Changes”

  • Click on “Compose Message” and if you see your new signature, you are all done!

  • Please note that you will not be able to click on your buttons while composing an email message; you must first send the email to yourself and then you can click on the buttons from your received message.

  • You may also remove your Signature from a particular email simply by selecting all of your signature and pressing the delete key.

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