What Should an Email Signature Look Like?

SignaSource has been designing and developing email signatures since 2010. Most business professionals want to list all of their contact information in their email signature. This typically results in a cluttered email signature and detracts from the purpose which is to grab the customer's attention.

An email signature should contain only about 2-4 lines of text. Including your logo and photo in your email signature will help develop a lasting impression with your customers. Instead of listing the urls for your website and social media accounts, simply include buttons that link to each url. Our system tracks the number of times each email signature button is clicked and allows you to view the results from our dashboard.

A couple samples of our email signatures:

Our email signatures also support animation, which is sure to grab the attention of your customers.

SignaSource makes creating and updating your email signature simple. Use our dashboard area to add/edit/delete email signatures in your account.

We provide easy to follow instructions on installing your email signature in your favorite email client like Outlook, Mac Mail, Gmail and many others. If you have trouble along the way with installing or updating your email signature, we are here to help.

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