Who We Are

With almost a billion signature views since summer 2014, SignaSource has proudly grown to a worldwide leader in our industry. SignaSource was originally conceptualized in 2009 as a tool to minimize the typical email signature while still providing all the important information to the recipient.

In addition to their logo, photo, etc, most business professionals typically list every possible bit of contact information at the bottom of their email. In most cases, this creates a very cluttered look potentially loosing the most important information regarding the sender and their products or services.

SignaSource has developed a very organized way to list all pertinent information regarding the sender, along with an outbound advertising tool to promote their products and services in a very professional and compact package.

In 2017 SignaSource re-developed the tool to provide the user the ability to modify real time, a variable animated message containing both text and images to promote the senders products and services. This not only allows the user the ability to change all outbound emails, it also updates any previously sent emails, providing a powerful marketing tool like no other.

Why Our Customers Choose Us