About The Program

For anyone who purchases an email signature by clicking on your referral link. As an active customer SignaSource will pay you 30% of their monthly or yearly subscription, including every month or year they renew.

In addition: For any customer referred by a customer (up to 4 additional customer tiers), SignaSource will pay you 10% of their monthly or yearly subscription as well!


  • Referral link is automatically linked to your signature disclaimer.

  • Program is included with your SignaSource subscription.

  • Receive 30% commissions on your personal referrals, and receive 10% of their customer referrals up to 4 customer levels.

  • Receive fast payments through your PayPal account on the 1st and 16th of each month

Referral FAQ’s

  • How does the referral fee work?

    It’s actually quite simple. Any new customer who desires the benefits and purchases an email signature through your referral link, SignaSource will pay any active customer a 30% commission of their subscription for as long as they remain a customer.

  • How do I receive my affiliate referral code?

    When you signup as a customer a unique affiliate code is automatically generated for you. This code is then linked to the “SignaSource” disclaimer located below your signature by default. Though the “SignaSource” disclaimer can be removed, the potential commission is motivation for the recipient to leave the “SignaSource” disclaimer below their signature.

    When someone clicks on the referral link they are directed to our homepage and you will receive credit if they signup. You can also navigate to the “Referral Program” link in your customer dashboard to view your referral links, tracking and program details.

  • Can you give an example of the generation referral fees?

    On average, business professionals send and receive hundreds of emails per month. As an example, if you send and receive 200 emails per month, and only 4 out of 100 recipients are curious about how to utilize a custom email signature for their business and click on your link, and lets say only 2 of those customers sign up. Over the course of 6 months, you may “accidentally” refer 12 customers, earning you a 30% commission on those subscriptions. In addition, if those 12 customers refer only 33% of the customers you did, and their customers do the same etc (for up to 4 additional levels) you could be earning 10% of those subscriptions.

  • Is the referral program available worldwide?

    Yes, both the service and referral program are available worldwide (there may be a few exceptions where funds cannot be transferred via a check or PayPal).

  • How can I market this service proactively?

    If you wish to market our service proactively, you can contact local business like car dealerships, real estate offices, insurance agents, salons, restaurants, doctors, accountants. Basically anyone that uses email can benefit from our signature service and make a referral commission as an added bonus!

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