Creative Email Signatures* make it easier for your customers to 

reach you.  They provide custom, fully branded static or animated

email signatures. All are interactive with live buttons to click that

direct to your website pages or landing pages.

 Increase conversions through your email because email today

 is 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter.



Everyone in business who uses emails.

By using a Creative Email Signature you can increase brand awareness,

acquire more leads, increase conversions, and retain your existing

customers and contacts.  Creative Email Signatures generate

  interest and increase brand recognition.


"Email Signatures affect the tone of every email you write.

They are professional: like a letterhead, they show you run a business."  - Kat Nevill, Smashing magazine

* * *


·        Fully customizable animation, text & photos

·       Use images and message to animate your currently static signature

·       Easy-to-use website and customization tools

·       FREE pre-designed static image, with or without text

·       Installs on any email

·       Up to five buttons linked where you direct them

·       Unlimited social-media buttons

·       FREE click tracking per button

·       Wide array of customizable menu options

·       Mobile compatible (iPad and iPhone)

·       Customer technical support included

·       No contracts, hosting fees or added costs!

* * *


a.     Increased visibility & trusted image identity

b.     added credibility each time you send out an email

c.     separates your email from the crowd

d.    outshines your competition

e.     impressive… perceived value

f.     enhanced image branding

g.    easy customer access to your web pages



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Drive more business to

your website with every email sent.
              A Personal Note - Please enjoy reading about email signatures and jot down any questons to take up in a FREE Consultation or by email.

Our exciting product will make all of your emails an opportunity to drive business to you and your website.  You can add a logo and up to 5 customizable buttons to your email signature.  These buttons are connected to the web pages that you decide or onto personal landing pages, email or even a file!  Our service will offer you a fast ROI.  We also have a lucrative referral program.


Our Mission: to provide an individual and business owner with a creative email signature that spotlights them to be more memorable, credible and trusted as the go-to source for products and services. Our aim is to help them gain a higher rate of return on investment of time and energy through better communication and interaction with customers and prospects, using our unique branding tool, a Creative Email Signatures.   

"I've noticed my web hits have gone up because of it.  I'm getting more from that than Google marketing!"  -Z/P., ZRP Video


Perfect for follow-up after a meeting or demo, excellent for professionally branding and marketing yourself and business; direct your email recipients to your solutions within the live buttons.  For example, "Dear _______, It was very nice meeting with you today. Please click my 2nd button, below, to review what we discussed."  

FREE OFFER*customizing of your signature, at no extra cost ; if preferred you may design it yourself. Next, It is sent to you for your approval. Once approved by you, it is ready for installation. Turn around time is 24-48 hours.  FREE: short & easy to follow videos are available to learn how to design your own after the order is placed, included. 

*Be sure to use Referral Code to be eligible for the FREE offer.  Copy and paste in this code 2BBD5F while ordering when asked, Who Referred You?

Contact us for design tips and assistance.  We will be happy to keep you updated with more valuable information.

Have questions? stuck? need assistance?  Find more info further down this page! Contact: creativeemailsignatures@gmail.com  727.543.9933    


Advice From a Specialist, Web Designer Rick Hart: 

One of the most often forgotten "touchpoints" is your e-mail signature.  If you send a lot of e-mails, or even if you don't, your e-mail signature is a great place to introduce people to your solutions.  It's subtle, not spammy, and depending on the relationship you have with your e-mail partner, completely appropriate.  I found a great source for creating powerful signatures that really grab someone's attention, Creative Email Signatures  - Rick Hart, Editor, Local Online Marketing Advisory


"It was so easy working with Sherry.  In no time at all I had a beautiful email signature that I could add to my computer, iPad and IPhone.  Thanks Sherry, pleasure meeting you!" - D.M. Rodan + Fields LIII Executive Consultant

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  • See Testimonials for non-animated signatures - perfect for entrepreneurs, small businesses & non-profits
  • Have questions or need to see a sample for your own business?  Send your contact info to: creativeemailsignatures@gmail.com with the name of your company - it will be emailed to you without delay 
  • Every design that we create is professional, effective and interactive (with live buttons to click), plus fun to use and fun to receive! They capture and attract attention to your business.
  • See more samples of all types of businesses and read what our clients have to say at Testimonials
  • There are instructions, FAQs and videos to guide the customization process if you would like to customize your own or update it later on
  • If assistance is needed while ordering OR customizing your own signature, call (within the U.S.) 727-543-9933 and leave a detailed message or email; or use WhatsApp for international calls or texts::  You may request an invitation for the app by email at creativeemailsignatures@gmail.com 

To order on our secure site** click HERE  

While ordering, you will have a choice of:

  • monthly or yearly subscription
  • quantity of signatures desire with price   
  • to order, click here  with Referral Code 2BBD5F   
"I'm really happy with my new email signature.  It reflects the branding I use on my website and newsletters.  When I didn't have the signature I noticed that my emails had no identity.  They were just plain.  With the email signature, you know it's from me right away.
Every time I send them an email they are getting my branding message. They see the pile of books I've written and that I've been in print for 30 years. And THAT makes an impression to them about who I am. I get to make the branding impression to my exact correct market: the people who are contacting me! I don't have to go find them. They are putting their attention right in my inbox, so every message that goes out has my branding message.
For Halloween Sherry made a special Halloween greeting signature. I'm planning to make one to use over the holidays myself. So much you can do with this, and it doesn't have to be the same all the time. I consider it to be my "billboard" and I'm going to use it to promote many different things. 
Thanks for telling me about this, Sherry, and for being a good support person to help me get the most out of it."  - Debra Lynn Dadd, Author, Talk Show Host